This was such a fun cover to do.  Mainly because I can’t stand this guy!Jason Kenney coverThis year’s Edmonton International Fringe Festival poster artwork is done by ME!  Have a look: 

Fringe Poster 2014I also re-did everyone as kids for the Kid’s Fringe program…

Kid's Fringe KidsHere are some magazine illustrations I’ve done …


4 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. OH MY! The one with the dad and kids in the pool with the dad on his computer and phone … you hit the mark spot on Gerry! … all of your illustration examples are awesome.

  2. Hi Gerry, I purchased a Johnny LaRue drawing from you at a sale a few years ago and I’m interested in adding to the collection. Are anymore SCTV characters available?

    • Hi Brent,

      I’ve been really busy with other projects so I haven’t added to that series in a while. Johnny LaRue was the only SCTV personality I did, but adding a few more SCTV characters is fun idea. Thanks, Brent.

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