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  1. Hello Gerry.
    We received a card from Touchwood Flooring last year for christmas and were blown away.
    Now we are thinking of getting one from our shop for our customers. We are a wholesale manufacturer of cabinets and doors etc and at the moment we are 17 people here. How much time do you need for something like this and what would it cost us?
    Waiting for your reply,
    Karin (for Steve and Chris)

  2. Gerry: As a long time radio control model yachting supporter and practitioner, I wanted to compliment you and your partner on the appearance of our minority sport in the 4/7/13 Sunday BETTY strip. We are a small segment of the radio control fraternity, but proud that our activities are environmentally safe, child friendly and supportive of family participation. Thank you for show casing us. We are celebrating the 43rd continuous year of the American Model Yachting Association of which I am a founding member, carrying Membership Card #2. Rod Carr

    • Thanks for those kind words. We’re glad you liked it! I think that’s the first remote control model boat joke we’ve ever done.


  3. Gerry,

    I love Betty and read the strip daily. Today’s gave me particular pleasure.
    I did not know that Bub went to Capilano College (now Capilano U., but
    it would have been still a college at the time Arthur Sr. went there). I, myself,
    went to “Cap” College back in ’86 / ’87. I know that you and Gary are
    Edmontonians, but I’m wondering whether one of you made a stint at Capilano; else, why the reference?


    Michael Dorotich
    1510 Kirkwood Road
    Tsawwassen BC V4L 1G1

    P.S. It would be terrific if, somehow, you could publish early Bub Slug cartoons.

    • Hi Michael,

      Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Yes, we’ve been thinking about how to get a collection of the Bub Slug comics together for quite some time now. So far we haven’t been able to interest any publishers or find any cost effective way to do it. If you’ve got any ideas please let us know.
      Thanks for the kind words about Betty and Bub Slug.

      All the best,
      Gerry Rasmussen

  4. Hi Gerry, dating myself but been a fan since the Gateway days. I see from comments above that original Bub strips from the mid 1980’s are not currently available in any format which is a crying shame. Given the recent state of the Edmonton Oilers it would be hilarious to see the series of when Bub made the team. If I recall the issue was the team had too many superstars and not enough lunchpail guys. Pretty topical I would say. (The more that things change, the more they stay the same). Would be great to run that again with a 2013 spin. Have Bub join the current Oilers and teach Hall, RNH, Ebs et all a thing or two about lunch pail hockey.

    Anyway, love the strip and hoping to see Bub anytime soon in uniform, 80’s or 2000’s!

  5. I have been reading Betty for years and obviously enjoyed it; however, these last few months it seems to have become more serious. Everyone has financial concerns, reading about it in a comic doesn’t lighten my day it’s depressing.

    • Ouch! Sorry about that, Katherine. Betty’s kind of an obsessive type and when she puts her mind to fixing a family problem she gets pretty intense about it. Hang in there. It seems a bit more serious right now because it’s a serious topic that a lot of families are dealing with. But they’ll get their lives back to normal (or normal for them) soon. Thanks for the input, Katherine.

  6. Hi Gerry and Gary:

    I have been following Betty for years. I swear you have a recorder somewhere hidden in our house. I am so Betty. My husband and Bub are kindred spirits.
    Our Junior has already left the homestead, so can’t compare. Your strips are decorating our fridge.
    Thank you for making us laugh – at our selves!

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