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Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to get to illustrate some really fun books.  One such example was an autobiography by the illustrious ex-hockey player and advertising giant, Terry O’Malley.  Here are a few of the pictures I created for his book, If I Don’t Tell You These Stories Now, You Know What?  They’ll just be forgotten.  It had a very limited press run and was written for his friends and family, so don’t go bugging Amazon or Chapters for a copy.  Take a look…





2 thoughts on “Book Illustrations

  1. Hey I love your work your cartoons are great and youe caricatures are really cool.I have to ask you when you draw at parties is it better to do b/w or color?Thanks for your Time.Fellow Cartoonist/Rob Slatus.

    • Hi Rob,
      One of the reasons I like drawing at parties is that the speed needed to work in a pressure-filled environment like that makes you draw very directly and to the point. When I draw at parties there is no time to add color, plus I prefer the minimal directness of black and white. Thanks for asking, and good luck.


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